To say it’s been a year is an understatement. And now, as the holidays approach, we could all use a little extra comfort and joy. Our top gift giving ideas come with this in mind, and are focused on making the season as merry — and normal — as possible. 

Brought to you in partnership with Gry Mattr by Joe Mimran, exclusively available at Staples Canada this holiday season.

Dream Big. 

This year’s been tough. But the future? It’s still bright. Remind your loved ones of this with happy, optimistic gifts. Artwork, travel books, camping gear are all gifts that inspire, and put the focus on future adventures. Another timeless idea? A Gry Mattr Globe. Close your eyes, give it a spin, point to a place, and let your imagination soar. Positivity is key, so fostering these happy thoughts is the best gift you can give.



Make it Last.

Right now, people aren’t looking for throw-aways. With a lot of uncertainty about the future, people want to surround themselves with things that inspire confidence. Focus on practical, wellbuilt gifts that will last, with timeless design that won’t feel dated. There are a ton of great options out there. Like elegant Gry Mattr Clocks and Tumblers and Mugs — modern, practical and good quality, they’ll be cherished all year long.


Add Some Magic.

This isn’t the year to skip the holidays. It’s the year to sprinkle on a little more magic. Creating warm spaces for togetherness, where your bubble can play games, share stories, and make new memories is more important than ever. And you don’t have to break the bank to create an inviting ambiance. Investing in seasonal decorations, you can bring out year after year, begins to build tradition. Gry Matter Trees and Snow Globes are two easy examples. Bright, tasteful and full of sparkle, they balance modern elegance with classic design. 

Let’s all spread the joy, as we pass around presents! We wish everyone a happy holiday season. 



Stay happy and hydrated,