Our new normal has brought so many changes to our daily routines, which will continue to evolve over the next year. Keeping stress to a minimum, and making workspaces and homes functional and inviting will all be top of mind for customers. From water bottles, to coffee and tea appliances and kitchenware, Sully’s wide range of home and to-go products can help bring some ease and joy into customers’ lives. We’ve compiled our top items to help bring back balance to this new work/life reality.

Stay hydrated with reusable water bottles


Whether we’re at home or on the go, reusable water bottles will be a must-have. They ensure germs aren’t passed from person to person, while adding a customized pop to any environment. Use colour to convey positive energy; something we’ll be craving during these next winter months. It also helps products stand out on the shelf, since feeling and touching is no longer an option. Natural, soft tones cue relaxation and calm, while brights bring on energy and joy. Consider compactable and collapsible designs, to make space saving extra easy, while sustainable plastic alternatives, can help appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. 


Fuel workdays with cozy drinks


Conveying calm is key. As people seek out mindfulness and self-care during the winter months, slow brewing coffee makers will gain new relevance. Though a quick first cup might be crucial, from-home workers will have more opportunity to experiment with new and different brewing methods. Unique go-to mugs will also help make everyday feel special; like an adult comfort blanket. Artisan ceramic styles are a great way to bring that classic coffee house energy to your at-home workspace.

Bring love to the kitchen through food prep


Consumers will appreciate prepping, cooking and storing food like never before. From pickling to batch-cooking and storing, food storage and accessories will be popular to own and gift, especially this holiday season.  Beautiful design will help make them countertop centerpieces- while sustainable materials like bamboo fiber and rice husk make for eco-conscious plastic alternatives.  Easy, wipeable linings, and dishwasher friendly materials like silicone make cleanup easier than ever before. 


Stay safe and Stay Hydrated,


The Sully Team